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Cartech Japan is the Tokyo-based dealer in Japanese-used automobiles and new spare parts.

Japanese used cars are much sought after worldwide - because of quality assurance that comes behind them. Using a unique grading system, all the Japanese used-cars are awarded grades - ensuring that the customer fully knows the health of the Car he or she is buying.

As a member of major Japanese auction and trade organisations, Cartech Japan has direct access to the best used vehicles in the Japanese market. Cartech Japan deals in all major Japanese Car brands including Honda, Toyota and Suzuki.

Since its inception, Cartech Japan has delivered thousands of vehicles to its customers worldwide. Deploying best of industry practices and using the latest in Information Technology (take our Order Tracking feature for instance), Cartech Japan offers its customers reliable, transparent, fast and efficient service.

If you need more clarifications, please do write to us at info@cartechjapan.com
Our Customer Care personnel would respond to your queries immediately.

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  • 4-14-14, Taito, Taito-ku,
  • TOKYO 110-0016. JAPAN.
  • Tel :+81 3 3832 9088
  • Fax :+81 3 3832 9081
  • Mob :+81 90 9002 1885

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