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  1. Why buy a used Japanese car?
    Japanese-cars are world renowned for their quality. Japanese are also famous for maintaining their cars in top-condition. Quality roads helping them to that end. So when the used cars hit the market, they hit them in good condition. At the rates they become available, they are definitely a bargain. Japanese generally sell their cars through auction houses and/or dealer network only.
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  2. Why buy them from Cartech Japan?
    Cartech Japan is a member of major Japanese auction houses and dealer networks. It gives us complete access to the best-available used-cars in the market. Having exported dozens of cars to customers spread all over the world - including those in the Carribean, Far East and United Kingdom, it sure gives us knowledge and expertise to provide best of services to our prospective customers - anywhere.
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  3. How am I assured of the quality of the car I buy?
    Japanese Auction Houses use a unique grading system - to illustrate the health of a car on sale. This helps the buyer in understanding the state of the car he/she is considering to buy.

    The Grade System is as follows:

    Grade Condition
    6 Brand New
    5 Like Brand New
      4.5 Very Excellent Condition
    4 Excellent Condition But Required Minor Attention
      3.5 Good Condition But Need Few Repairs
    3 Ordinary Condition But Need Minor Repair For Small Dents And Scratches
      2.5 Partially Damaged But Repairable
    2 Unsatisfactory Condition
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  4. Do I get the best of used-cars available in the market from Cartech Japan?
    Yes, you do. Cartech Japan is a member of many leading Japanese auction houses and dealer networks. This gives us total access to overwhelming majority of cars that become available for sale in the Used-car market.
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  5. What if I don't find the car I am looking for in your stock?
    No problem. Just let us know car of what make/model/year/price range you are looking for. We would find it for you.
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  6. What is this 'Track Your Order' feature?
    After you choose the cars you want to buy online and fill the appropriate forms at the Website, you will be assigned an Order Number - which is linked to the cars you had ordered. With this number, you could keep track of the status of the order - whether the Cars have been shipped etc - online, 24 hours a day. All you need to do is enter the Order Number in the Track Your Order form and hit the Go button.
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  7. How do I place an order?
    1. Find the cars you want to buy - through Stock List, Search Form, Special Offer and Newly Arrived pages
    2. Choose the Destination Port. Freight Charges would now be added to the total cost
    3. Provide your shipping details and click Checkout
    4. Your order would be submitted and an Order Number would be provided for you to keep track of the status
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  8. Why don't you include the freight charges to the cost of the car?
    Freight charges can vary from country and country. Hence are not added to the cost of the cars upfront.
    Click here for current freight rates for some of the major ports.
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  9. How do you calculate the Freight Charges?
    Freight Charges are obtained by multiplying the size of the car (in cubic metre) and the rate per cubic metre for the destination port.

    For example, let's say the size of the car you had bought is 10 Cu.M and the rate for your destination port (say Bridgetown) is US $103 per Cu.M. Then the Freight Charge would be 10 Cu.M * US $103 - i.e. US $1030.
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  10. What if my country is not listed in the Destination Ports list?
    Simply choose Not Shown Here ... Other Port option from the 'Choose Destination Port' drop down and proceed to check out. You will be asked to type your choice of Destination Port in the 'Shipping Details' form. We will mail you separately the freight charges to the unlisted Port you had chosen.
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  11. How long would it take you to ship the car I ordered?
    Generally, once the Order has been placed and the payment has been wired, the cars would be shipped by the next available vessel to your port of choice.
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  12. The Prices are in Yen. How do I convert them to my currency?
    Wherever the price is listed, a convert button has been provided alongside. Just click on it and choose your (target) currency.Currency Converter can also be directly accessed through the link provided at the bottom of every page. This service is provided by Currency Converter
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  13. How do I send the money to you?
    ACCOUNT NAME Cartech Limited
    ACCOUNT NUMBER 065-0037760
    BANK NAME Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi
    BRANCH Ueno Branch, Tokyo
    COUNTRY Japan
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  14. In what currency should I send the money to you?
    Payments should be made through Telegraphic Transfer to our account - either in US Dollars or in Japanese Yen.
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  15. Are the cars meant for right-hand drive only?
    Most of our stock is Japanese and thus right-hand drive. However - upon special request - Cartech Japan could source left-hand drive vehicles also.
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  16. What are the documents you will provide us?
    After the vehicle has been shipped and upon the receipt of full payment, the following documents would be sent to the Customer by courier. They are -
    1. Bill of lading
    2. Commericial Invoice
    3. Vehicle registration document (In English and Japanese)
    4. Carricom Invoice (if applicable)
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  17. What are the additional expenses I am likely to incur?
    There are no additional expenses other than the cost of the vehicle and the freight charges. If the customer desires the vehicles be insured, there would be an additional charge of US $50 per car.
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  18. What rates should one go by - the ones shown in the Website or the ones provided by the Currency Converter tool?
    Please note, the Currency Converter tool is being provided to you to merely give a rough indication of the cost involved in your local currency. For transaction purpose, the price quoted in our Website (In Yen and In Dollar) will be the actual cost payable by you.
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  19. I added a vehicle to the shopping cart. But I still got the message 'Shopping Cart Is Empty'.Why?
    You may be getting this message because you may have disabled Cookies. uses Cookies to keep track of your order including vehicles in your Shopping Cart.

    Enable support for Cookies through your browser menu (in IE, this could be achieved through Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy)
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  20. What are 'On Hold' vehicles?
    'On Hold' vehicles are vehicles that are currently being negotiated for sale with a customer. They could still be ordered by you and your order will be processed if the negotiation with the customer ends without closure
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  21. It used to be open to everyone. Why should I now register to browse the Website?
    Registration allows us to better customise the Website - giving each customer more personalised service. You could view history of your past transactions, track all your orders etc with this new interface. More customised features would be added in the future.
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  22. I have a valid email address and password to login. But I keep getting the message 'You must log in first to access this service'. Why?
    The Website uses Cookies to keep track of Logged in users and Shopping Cart. You may be getting this message since your browser is set not to accept cookies. Please modify your browser settings to accept cookies. IN IE, you should go to Tools->Internet Options->Privacy and Change the Settings to Medium
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